AutoXchange 2024 Technical Documentation

General Parameters

Parameter Name JSON Name Purpose
B Background Background
BA BlankAttributes Blank Attributes
BW BlackWhite Bi-tonal output (Black and White only)
BL BreakByLayer Break By Layer
BLDG Building
BN BlockName BlockName
CP Codepage Codepage
CSV CSV Create Data File (Comma Seperated Value or CSV)
DF DefaultFont Default Font
DI DefaultItalicFont Default Font Italic
A or US DrawingSize Drawing Size
ARCH Arch US Architectural Drawing Size
DIN DIN German (DIN) Drawing Size
EXT Extents Extents
FLR Floor
HP HighPrecision High Precision
HIS Program History
IA Invisible_Attributes Invisible Attributes
LANGUAGE Language Sets Default Unicode Language
LAY Layout Layout
LWMIN LineWeightMinimum Line Weight Minimum
LW LineWidthScale Line Width Scale
MA Margin Margin
NOEXTENTS Extents No Extents
NOTS NoTextScale No Text Scale
ORNT Orientation Orientation
OL OutputList Output List
VARIOUS PDF Document Information
MP and UP PDF Passwords
Q Quiet Quiet Mode (No messages output)
ROT Rotation Rotation
TAG AttributeName Attribute Name
SAVEDWG SaveDwg Save as DWG
SP SpaceMode Drawing Space Mode
LWTMIN Thumbnail Line Weight Minimum
THUMBSIZE Thumbnail Size
TREATAS TreatAs Treat As
UN Units Units
VW View View
? Parameter List
Last updated on 27 Jan 2022
Published on 27 Jan 2022