AutoXchange 2024 Technical Documentation


You can configure a process on your server that makes use of AutoXChange 2024 in two ways:

  1. process single files or collections of files in a single session

  2. use a kron-type application to run AutoXChange 2024 at set times to scan a particular folder/directory and automatically convert all files loaded into this folder—storing the converted images in a designated destination directory.

You should note down a list of files you want to convert, record the exact directory pathways for source and destination directories, and have some idea of which custom parameters you’d like to apply to the conversion process. (Complete information on the parameters can be reviewed in “Command Parameters “).

The basic operation is:

  1. Enter the command and all relevant parameters

  2. Press Return/Enter to start the conversion process.

  3. When the conversion is complete, the terminal window will display a status message.

  4. Repeat this process to convert other files at this time.

Last updated on 17 May 2023
Published on 17 May 2023