AutoXchange 2023 Technical Documentation

SVG Extensions

AutoXchange extends the standard SVG entities using custom tags. These extensions provide the retention of additional CAD related information in the resulting SVG file. The retained CAD data includes:

  • Layer Name
  • Area (of closed polygons)
  • AutoCAD Handle
  • Node
  • Block Class
  • Visibility Status
  • Attribute Class
  • Attribute Tag Data
  • Parent Block Handle
  • Room ID

Layer Name

The AutoCAD Layer Name is saved in two places.

  • SVG Group (<G>)
  • Custom SVG tag (cvjs:layername)

The SVG Group element groups all the content for the given layer and color. The layer is stored in the ID field prefixed by “layer_”, so if the AutoCAD layer is named “chairs” the Group ID will be “layer_chairs”.

Last updated on 21 Apr 2020
Published on 21 Apr 2020