AutoXchange 2024 Technical Documentation

JSON Block Modification Parameters

The Block Modification Parameters are all parameters that define how block attributes can be manipulated.

There are no corresponding normal parameters to this section. Blocks can only be manipulated via the JSON file.

For each block to be modified, the block name and an optional handle for a Block Reference must be listed. If the Handle is listed then only that Block Reference is modified. If the Handle is not listed then all Block References for that Block Name are changed. If multiple block references, but not all block references, are to be changed then they much be listed individually. Note that you cannot just list the Handle and have that suffice. You must list the Block Name and the Handle (with the Handle being optional).

The Attributes to be modified are listed in the Attributes section. There can be multiple attributes listed each with the Tag Name and the new Value listed. Of course, each attribute must be separated with a comma.

    "Blocks": {
      "Block": {
        "BlockName":  "TTLB-ANNO",
        "Handle": "1AC",
        "Attributes": {
          "TITLE1": "MODIFIED PLAN",
          "DWG_NAME": "WHATEVER"  
Last updated on 17 Apr 2020
Published on 17 Apr 2020