AutoXchange 2020 Technical Documentation

JSON General Parameters

The General Parameters are all parameters that define how the conversion process is done, but not dealing with Block or Layer manipulation.

The following parameters can be currently listed in the JSON Parameter File:

  • Input File Name
  • Output File Name
  • Output Format
  • Font Path
  • License Path
  • XRef Path
  • View
  • Layout

View and Layout are mutually exclusive and Layout will take precedence over view.

    "General": {
      "InputFile":  "/home/tms/drawings/ma5000_300.dwg",
      "OutputFile": "/home/tms/drawings/ma5000_300_test.svg",
      "Format": "SVG",
      "Fontpath":  "/home/tms/fonts",
      "Licensepath":  "/home/tms/license",
      "Xrefpath":  "/home/tms/some/place/with/xrefs",
      "View":  "ModelSpace"
Last updated on 17 Apr 2020
Published on 17 Apr 2020