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CADViewer is our premium CAD Viewing product with integrated CAD File Conversion using our CAD Converter AutoXchange 2020. Connectors (or Handlers) between CADViewer and AutoXchange 2020 are provided in PHP, Servlets, NodeJS and ASP.

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AutoXchange 2020 - CAD Converter

AutoXchange AX2020 is designed for on-demand or high volume processing of AutoCAD DWG, DXF and DWF files. AutoXchange converts to a wide array of vector, raster and Web-ready formats. Building on our AutoXChange product first introduced in 1995, AutoXchange is available on Windows, Linux, HP-UX, AIX and Solaris.

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LinkList 2020 - Full Data Extraction Software

The LinkList 2020 family of software facilities efficient indexing of text strings and metadata in files. It supports listing of blocks and XRef. LinkList 2020 extracts a wide variety of information including layer and names, geometric data, entity types and conunts, block names, text, attributes and a host of other information.

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DwgList 2020 - XRef and Child files Parsing

The DwgList 2020 is a tool to extract XRef file information and titleblock information in drawings. DwgList 2020 is used as a process tool at check-in of drawings in a File Management System or Document Management System.

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DwgMerge - Add Content to CAD Files

Tailor Made Software’s® DwgMerge 2020 ™ is a command-line interface application designed to merge XML or JSON content into an AutoCAD DWG file. It supports any version of AutoCAD up through AutoCAD 2021 (released March 2020).

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Custom and Legacy Software Packages

We still keep version of all our Legacy Software packages and Custom Projects over the years. A software library that we can use to solve any Custom Requirements. If you have a legacy package, please send us a support e-mail regarding which package you are currently using, alternatively send us an enquiry e-mail.

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