One of the Key features in the Tailor Made Software Technology Suite is the ability to process CAD data.

A major driver of interactive graphical applications is the ablity to create Hotspots and interactively integrate an image with Hotspots with an application or Webpage.

Vector Graphics Interactive Application

For creating a Vector Graphics based Interactive Application, please read our section on CAD Data Tools where the underlying technology for the various types of intelligent linking in CAD Drawings are described:

Then visit our CADViewer Applications section that outlines our Visual Query Application Framework , based on our CADViewer, AutoXchange 2020 and Connector Technologies for visually linking CAD drawings with any type of Database Information.

Bitmap Based Interactive Application

For creating a Bitmap Graphics based Interactive Application or content to be added into a Webpage structure, please visit our site for more details.

Try out our DWG Hotspot Samples, that illustrates how to make various type of CAD content interactive:

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