DwgList 2021 DLL TechDocs

Input/Output API Methods

Input/Output Methods
dwglist_getVersionNumber Get Version Number
dwglist_Init Init
dwglist_UnInit Un Init
dwglist_ProcessFile Process File

Get Version Number

METHOD    dwglist_getVersionNumber()
Purpose This method returns the current version number.
extern "C" DWGLIST_API const char* dwglist_getVersionNumber();


METHOD    dwglist_Init(const char* license)
Purpose This method sets the license key.
extern "C" DWGLIST_API bool dwglist_Init(const char* license);

Un Init

METHOD    dwglist_UnInit()
Purpose This method un-initialize and remove DwgList.
extern "C" DWGLIST_API bool dwglist_UnInit();

Process File

METHOD    dwglist_ProcessFile(char* fName)
Purpose This method processes the input file fName.
extern "C" DWGLIST_API int  dwglist_ProcessFile(char* fName);


Last updated on 12 Jan 2021
Published on 12 Jan 2021