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Tailor Made Software, Ltd is the acknowledged leader in the conversion, extraction, manipulation and display of CAD data. Since 1990 we have made 'Write Once. View Anywhere' not just a slogan, but a way of working.

Raster and vector formats are supported for the widest possible range of usage. We specialize in server-based tools offering outstanding quality, ease-of-use, long range of Supported Formats and extreme speed.

Tailor Made Software has different graphic conversion and data extraction software packages depending on how you want to convert and how you want it integrated with your business process.

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We have been in the CAD data conversion business for 20 years. That experience allows us know quickly and accurately what works and what doesn't work in CAD conversion. Our unsurpassed knowledge of CAD formats ensures you the highest quality conversion possible.

Tailor Made Software Product Range

Advanced Conversion - CadXChange Family

The CADXChange range of converters are flexible advanced vector and bitmaps graphics conversion components, which integrates within any business workflow or software solution. Available on Windows, Linux and Solaris.
The CadXchange family consists of five separate products depending on input formats; AutoXchange AX2015 (DWG/DXF(DWF), DgnXchange(DGN), AcroXchange (PDF/AI), Hp2Xchange (HP-GL/2) and RasterXchange (bitmaps), see the detailed list of Supported Formats.

Automated Conversion - CadServer

CADServer is a scheduling process tool embedding the CADXChange conversion engines. CADServer is designed for companies wanting to cross convert files or directory structures on a continuous basis. Available on Windows.

Visual Query - VizQuery

Visual Query is Tailor Made Software's system for linking CAD floor-plan and company database information together, enabling visual interaction over people, departments and assets throughout the enterprise. Available on Windows and Linux.

CAD Collaboration - CADViewer Pro and Enterprise

We offer web-based, platform independent CAD viewing and collaboration solutions. Visit www.cadviewer.com for more information.

CAD Integration with Google Search Appliance

Tailor Made Software components are integrated with Google GSA to index, extract and visualize corporate CAD Data. Please read more about the technology, and please do contact us on internationalsales@tailormade.com for a reference to our Google integration partner.

Custom Solutions

Based on custom specifications we develop advanced CAD products as either extentions to our engines and libraries or as separate projects.

Choice of Operating System

Our products run on a variety of operating systems. We support Windows 32bit and 64bit, Linux 32bit and 64bit, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX and other UNIX systems. We also have components running on Java, and Script based support for iOS, Android and Windows Phone OS. Whatever your needs are, we are there to help.



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