Visual Query

What is Visual Query?

Visual Query is Tailor Made Software's system for linking CAD floor-plan drawings and company database information, see presentation.

Visual Query enables visual interaction over people, departments and assets throughout the enterprise.

Visual Query is designed to minimize the complexity of the process and the requirements for both hardware and software

What do you mean "Visual"?

Visual Query allows the user to interact with data from company databases. But the interaction is not just pages of text.

Visual Query allows the user to see the results of the query on a drawing.

Want to see which buildings have 3 bedroom apartments? Visual Query gives you not just the list of apartments, but it also highlights those buildings and zooms in on the drawing.

What are "Queries"?

Queries are routines that are run against the data from the database and highlighted to the user

Visual Query not only displays the data in a text view, but also graphically displays the information to the user

Queries can range from simple "Show me apartments with Unit Type 'Sunset'" to the complex like "Show me all Apartments with 2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms"

Is the drawing just for show?

Visual Query goes beyond just showing the results on the drawing. The user can click on the drawing and run a predefined query.

For instance, click on a building and Visual Query will get the building detail information from the database and display the results, just as if the building name had been chosen from a list of buildings.

Visual Interaction - a hallmark of Visual Query

Do you support "tooltips"?

Yes, Visual Query does support tooltips for information display, see for details.

Online Demonstration

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