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Over the years Tailor Made Software has created a wide range of products designed to meet our customer's needs. Some of these have been released as regular programs, but others are "one off's" created for a given customer. Our 15 years experience in advanced graphics gives us the ability to provide you with the highest quality software. Please contact us for more details.

The following is a list of some of these customer projects.


AreaExtractor calculates the floor space allocations defined in AutoCAD drawing plans. Each area of the floor plan is on a seperate layer and is surrounded by a closed polyline or polygon. AreaExtractor creates a list of layers and their associated areas. It also creates a DWF from the DWG for display purposes.

Adobe Illustrator/PDF to DXF with NURBS

A large CAD company had the need to take logos developed in Adobe Illustrator into their system for extrusion and processing. A prime design criteria was that the number and complexity of entities needed to be minimized, but that one NURB (non-uniform rational b-spline, a high level curve) was better than a multi-point polyline (so fewer entities is more important than less complex entities). We created a DLL-based system for them to use, but this functionality is now available as part of AcroXChange. The user can control the number of "fit points" (points along the curve) used in creating the NURBS.


Examines sets of DWG files and figures out linkages between them. Creates DWF files with links from Block Inserts to the drawings that define those blocks in detail. Also examines the drawings for "Call outs" (the bubbles with a letter or number that refer to a parts list) and creates links to the parts listed in the associated parts list. Can be run manually or automatically.


A large retailer needed all of their leases converted from TIFF to PDF. Each TIFF represented one page of the lease. We assembled the individual TIFFs into one "booklet" for each lease and automatically created bookmarks for each section. All told over 30,000 pages were converted with no problems creating approximately 500 PDF documents.


Examines all of the links in DWG file (block names, menus, external references, application ids, etc), figures out where the referenced file now resides based on search criteria given by the user, and re-paths all the drawings in the database. Can be used on entire enterprise's worth of data or just a given subdirectory. Very fast.


Prints out or stores some or all of the text, attribute or link information in a DWG or DGN file. A basic version is available as LinkXChange but most companies want the data tailored to their needs. Very fast and can be extensively modfied to fit your needs.


CadService is a Windows NT Service version of AutoXChange. It is started automatically when the server is started and waits in the background for files to appear in a "watch directory". When a DWG or DXF file is placed in that directory or directory tree, it is automatically converted to the desired ouptut format and placed in the appropriate location. CadService was developed for the US Navy and is used in their documentation creation process.


AutoSearch will search through one DWG up to a whole directory tree of DWG and/or DXF files for a given text string, attribute or block name. It can be combined with LinkXchange to create a searchable database of textual information from DWG, DXF, DGN or even PDF files.


A major retail space planning operation needed to output PDF drawings of floor plans from their web-based space planning application. The application used CadViewer to view and markup DWF drawings. We enhanced CadViewer so they could create PDFs directly from CadViewer and not just use a PDF print driver application. This function works either interactively or as part of a batch printing process.


Converts IGES files containing outlines of intricate jewerly items into various formats including EPS, high resolution bitmaps, low resolution bitmaps and Adobe Illustrator. Very high tolerances required for Illustraotr files.


A large clothing retailer needed all of their scanned floor plans converted from TIFF to DWF. We added functionality to ImageDesign to convert the TIFFs to lower resolution, rotate them so they were oriented properly and then create multiple page DWFs from them.


Customers wanted to convert only a subset of files that met a certain criteria. For instance, only those HPGL files that were created by a given plotter driver, or only those PDF files containing the word "Dress". FileScan has different modules for different file types and scans the files for attributes listed by the user and creates a batch file for further processing. The specification of the command line and its arguments is up to the user.

IGES Flavoring

The version of IGES output by many CAD systems can be incompatible, or less than fully compatible, with what a different CAD system expects. IGES Flavoring is the process of modifying the IGES output by one CAD system so it works better for import into another CAD system. This can consist of changing entity types, modifying layer definitions, changing graphical atributes, or a host of other items. Some of these are caused by differences in CAD systems, but flavoring can also make up for changes in company graphic standards and other such items. Tailor Made Software started in the IGES flavoring business 15 years ago and it was our primary occupation for several years. Similar processes can be used for other formats like DWG, especially to allow for changes in corporate standards.



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