Supported Input and Output Formats

Please note that our downloadable commercial products contain the most popular subset of the conversion combinations below. Which specific input and output formats that are supported in a given product is dependent on version, operating system, encapsulation and specific licensing terms. Please therefore Contact us for your specific platform, encapsulation and format requirements, and we'll build it for you!

Input and Output
Input Only
Output Only
Not on this platform
  AutoCAD DWG   <details>      
  AutoCAD DWG 2015/2016/2017      
  AutoCAD DWG 2013/2014      
  AutoCAD DWG 2010/2011/2012      
  AutoCAD DWG 2007/2008/2009      
  AutoCAD DWG 2004/2005/2006      
  AutoCAD DWG 2000/2000i/2002      
  AutoCAD DWG Release 14      
  AutoCAD DWG Release 13      
  AutoCAD DWG Release 11/12      
  AutoCAD DWG Release 10      
  AutoCAD DWG Release 9      
  AutoCAD DWG Release 2.60      
  AutoCAD DWG Release 2.50      
  AutoCAD DXF   <details>      
  AutoCAD DXF 2010/2011/2012      
  AutoCAD DXF 2007/2008/2009      
  AutoCAD DXF 2004/2005/2006      
  AutoCAD DXF 2000/2000i/2002      
  AutoCAD DXF Release 14      
  AutoCAD DXF Release 13      
  AutoCAD Release 11/12      
  AutoCAD DWF      
  Adobe PDF      
  Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)      
  Adobe Flash (SWF)      
  Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES)      
  Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM)      
  Simple Vector Format (SVF)      
  Encapsulated Postscript      
  ESRI Shapefile      
  Adobe Illustrator (V9 and above)      
  MicroStation DGN      
Show Color Raster Formats
Show Bitonal (Black and White) Raster and Fax Formats



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