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Tailor Made Software, Ltd is the acknowledged leader in the conversion, extraction, manipulation and display of CAD data. Since 1990 we have made 'Write Once. View Anywhere' not just a slogan, but a way of working.

Raster and vector formats are supported for the widest possible range of usage. We specialize in tools offering outstanding quality, ease-of-use, long range of Supported Formats and extreme speed. Our conversion, visualization and extraction tools are set up to integrate as smoothly as possible with our integration partners business logic.

Tools for integration with Search Appliances

Data Extraction and Indexing

LinkList-XML (AutoCAD) and LinkXDgn (MicroStation): Software that extracts text objects, block names, attributes (text information associated with a given block to describe properties about a given block), layer names, etc. The information can be extracted into a variety of formats to be used for searches, typically our customers use XML and csv text dumps, but we can customize into other types, such as streams.

Bitmap and Vector file Generation

AutoXchange (AutoCAD) and DgnXchange (MicroStation): Software which converts CAD files into a large variety of formats and resolutions, the converters can produce the most common bitmap formats such as PNG, JPG and GIF as well as the common storage format TIFF used in the engineering and construction industry. The converters can also convert into vector formats, such as PDF, SVG and DWF (for use with CADViewer Pro and JS).

We have the capability to be able to identify search objects in a given file and can use that to highlight objects. AWe can extract the coordinate set of each indexed object listed with LinkList-XML/LinkListDGN and be able to scale these so that they can be used for setting up the search results directly into the right pane after the '>>'-icon inside the google search results page.

Vector Graphics Visualization

CADViewer Pro (AutoCAD, TIFF, PNG, JPG, GIF): is a Java Applet (or java class lib) that can be embedded into web-pages for vector graphics viewing of CAD files (needed for zoom into detailed parts of a drawing). It also supports layer handling, zoom, text search, highlight via Java Script API. For iPad and Android devices that does not support a JVM inside the browser, we have developed CADViewer JS that uses a script library and svg elements and thus supports CAD files even on those platforms.

CAD visualization and interaction for iPad/Android

Visualization and highlight of CAD/Vector Graphics data on Tablets

CADViewer JS (JavaScript / SVG): A new version of our CADViewer product that runs on iOS and Android devices. The technology is based on a combination of JavaScript libraries and SVG and can therefore run on browsers where there is no JVM support, such as iOs (iPad/iPhone), Android and Windows Phone OS. It has an open interface and supports hyperlinking and dynamic highlight and can integrate as a visualizaion component with Search Appliances.



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